Fundraising 102


Fundraising continues to be a priority for our league. As a self-funded, non-profit organization, CGFP relies solely upon registration fees and donations to pay for all of our expenses. It is through our sponsors, like yourself, that help us keep the cost of registration affordable for area families and ensure that our girls can continue to play with the proper equipment on well maintained fields.

Our Fundraising Events

We have several types of fundraisers throughout the season for you to participate in. They are our 100 Inning Game, Dine Outs, the Ma & Pa tournament and our Dance Night event! We believe by offering a variety of fundraising opportunities it will allow our families to contribute in ways that work for them. We hope you will take part in some of these fantastic events!!

100 Inning Game

Ma & Pa Tournament

Dine Outs


Dance/Movie Night

Donate to CGFP…

You can make the difference to this amazing group of girls!


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